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50 Sweet Multicolored Nail Design Ideas Ideas

Magical Unicorn Nail Design Ideas

For mystical creatures, unicorns sure are getting a lot of face time these days. From unicorn cupcakes and Frappuccinos to unicorn…pizza? It is officially a thing, and we think nails are just the right place for all those rainbows (and lots of glitters). Believe it or not, we have whipped up 50 ethereal nail art looks are unicorn nail design ideas for you to try.

Nail Design Ideas Ideas

Gorgeous Unicorn Nail Designs that will Melt Your Heart

The fabulous looks in this article will inspire you to create your own unicorn fantasies. The beauty of these designs is that there is something for every unicorn lover to wear and enjoy. You can use any color palette to create your own amazing unicorn look.

Polishes that are especially popular in unicorn nail designs include ombré, glitter, chrome, and iridescent. Try making white chrome nails for a unique look. Accents include jewels, glitter dips, and nail art. Try creating some of these looks on your own, or take them to the salon to show your favorite local manicurist. Together, you will be able to design the perfect unicorn look for you.

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