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103 Makeup Styles Ideas for The New Season

Spring has brought with it fresh new trends, not only in fashion but also in beauty. You have probably already updated you wardrobe but now it’s time to give your makeup bag a refresh to. There are so many gorgeous make up styles out there. We have narrowed the search down to 21 looks that are a stylish spring must have.

Makeup Styles Ideas
Makeup Styles Ideas

Makeup Styles Ideas
Makeup Styles Ideas

One of the big trends of the season is a fresh face with a bright lipstick. It is easy to create you can just use light shadows and a light sweep of mascara with a vibrant lipstick. You could even be brave and just go natural. However you choose to wear we can see that this is a gorgeous look for the spring and summer.

It is time to step up your lip color game. This season is all about experimenting and creating a bold look, so it’s time for the light shades to step aside. Try a bright orange tone like this one. You’ll make a stylish statement for any occasion.

Fashion and beauty is a way to express your personality and have some fun. The next makeup look shows how we can experiment with different mascaras and shadows to create a unique style. This palette combines some of the hottest colors of the season. It is a simple idea that will make a stylish impact.

The next look is for the trendsetters. This funky style combines many shades and breaks the mold of matching our eye colors. You could go all out like this and create four different blends on the top and the bottom. If you’re just giving it a try have a go at not matching underneath the eyes. It is a fun look to try this spring.

Add some sparkle to your look this spring with glitter! Glitter is fun and will jazz up your look. You can be as bold as you like with this. Add a lot for a statement maker or try a subtle sweep like this one. It just gives your makeup and extra special touch. Would be great for parties.

A classic red lip never goes out of fashion, making it a style favourite again for this season. Red will instantly add a touch of glamour to your look. It will go with everything and can be worn for any occasion. There is a shade of red to suit everyone so give it a go.

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