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15 Coachella Hairstyles For Women To Look Hot

It is that time of the year when both the celebrities and the common folk come to the valley to enjoy live music performances across several stages that are set up in the valley. The Coachella Hairstyles are just as famous as the music and the artists performing there. If you just take a look around, you will get to see so many different outfits and unique hairstyles that it will blow your mind.

The three-day festival is full of some of the prettiest and many of the edgiest hairstyles. You will get all sorts of amazing hair colors with hair tied up in buns, braids and more. You can take your pick from the twenty options below. Be sure to choose more than one option as you must take up a different stunning style for each r day. A stunner like you must not go with the same style like you. So, whatever be your hair length or type, there is always a style that you can go for during the festival.

Coachella Hairstyles

Boho Hairstyle for Long Hair

If you have long hair that reaches up to your waist, then you must try this Boho-chic hairstyle that is perfect for Coachella. Just make two or three thick strands of braids on one side and let it hang loose. You do not need to secure the ends of these braids to make it look all proper. It is supposed to look carefree and cool.

Glitter Roots Hair

This is for the girls who like their hairstyle to be simple but simply stunning. If you are a dark-haired beauty, then this one here is for you. Make waves along the length of your hair and then make a left parting. On the left side of the parting, make a braid and adorn it with beautiful silver accessories all over to complete the look.

Cara Delavigne Accent Plaits Hair

This one is such an innovative hairstyle that you are sure to garner a lot of attention. Another plus is that it comes certified by the very stylish Cara Delavigne. You need a prominent parting with this one. Bring the braid from the back to the front while covering the parting and put it in an angular manner behind the ears.

Cornrows Hairstyle

This hairstyle looks great if you have ombre hair coloring done using black and blonde colors. Make big braids to resemble cornrows and secure the ends with bands. The blonde braids look great against the contrast of dark hair. It looks really edgy and funky on anyone. Just put on your best denims with this hairstyle and visit the festival in fashion.

Ribbon Braided into Hair

This is one of the most colorful and unique hairstyles that you can give a try. Make a number of braids on your hair for this one and while making the braids incorporate colorful ribbons into them. Now pull all of the braids together and make a bun. Secure the bun with as many bobby pins as you might need.

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