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20+ New Ideas for Braided Hairstyles 2018

Wearing your hair in a braid (especially a French one) is fairly common. However, switching up your appearance can come as easily as flipping the braid on its head–namely, with an upside down Braided Hairstyles 2018. Read on to reveal new ideas for Braided Hairstyles 2018!

Braided Hairstyles 2018

Formal Braided Bun Updo


An upside down French braid can be the focus of your updo or just its complement. In this braided ‘do the large intricate bun is in the spotlight, while a small braid up the neck only works as an interesting detail, coordinated with the sparkly barrette.

Braided Hairstyles 2018

Messy Flipped Braid and Bun

At first glance, this updo hardly includes any plait, just a few criss-crossed sections. But a loose messy braid is still there. Top it off by a lazy ballerina bun and you’ve got a cool summer look to wear anywhere.

Braided Hairstyles 2018

Braided Goddess Updo

With hues of violet, turquoise, and orange, this hairstyle is breathtaking–and we haven’t even mentioned the charming braids yet. Three braids are sometimes better than one, so this curly French braid bun is a worthy option if you want something fancier in terms of braid and bun updos.

Braid to Messy Bun

A braid and a bun are a fantastic couple, and what’s better, an upside down braid bun is also fairly easy to create. If you love the look, you can vary sleek and tousled updos, play with the number of braids and volume of the bun.

Elegant Bow Braid

A regular bun is not the only option to finish off your upside down braid. The strikingly elegant updo with a bow is the definition of adorable and girly.

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