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21 Cute Braid Ideas Designs for 2018-2019

Aside from its fairly descriptive name, there’s something inherently magical about the halo braid. The wearer looks like a goddess, medieval princess or an ethereal sprite — the kind you see in fairy tales.

At first sight, the halo Braid Ideas looks complicated, but if you know how to braid and don’t mind a bit of practice, you’ll succeed with this cute bohemian braid and maybe even customize this popular hairstyle for a one-of-a-kind look.

Braid Ideas Designs

How to Do a Halo Braid

The typical halo braid is one braid that runs around your head along the hairline, so this hairstyle is basically for medium to long hair. You can either Dutch braid or French braid your hair, bringing the side strands of your three-strand braid under or over. Follow our easy halo braid tutorial:

Step 1: Start with a middle part or an off-center part. Take three strands on the right side of your part and bring the left strand under the middle one, and then the right strand under the middle one.
Step 2: For each next step add a little bit of hair to the side strands and bring them in turns under the middle strand.
Step 3: Once you reach the side of your nape, you’ll want to change the position of your hands for convenience, braid to the other side of your nape, and change the position of your hands once again.
Step 4: Braid your hair up along the other side of your head and to the ends of your hair.
Step 5: Wrap the freely hanging end of the braid around your head and pin.

Halo Braid for Short Hair

If your hair is shoulder-length, let’s say you have a bob cut, you can also style a halo braid, but your updo will consist of two independent braids that you’ll further overlap and pin in the back.

Start off the side part.
French braid your hair along one side first.
In turns, take pieces from the sides, adding them to the center of your braid as you are crossing over.
When you reach your nape, braid down and secure your plait. Now braid the other side the same way.
Criss-cross the braids, tucking their ends inside the updo and pinning in place.
Here, we share 20 halo updos you can make yours, adjusting them for your hair type and length.

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