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21+ Shellac Nail 2018 Top collection for Spring

21+ Shellac Nail 2018 Top collection for Spring

Let’s be honest. We love nail designs and we love having them on our nails. They add style in our every day while they boost our confidence. There are many nail designs and shellac nails are one of them. Shellac is a blend of nail polish and gel that can be applied in our nails. For this post we are going to analyze the different types of gels through a guide of shellac nail designs.Shellac Glitter Nail Designs You can have your favorite glitter designs with shellac too. All you have to do is to choose the color combination you want and then you can have the trendiest nails ever. Ombre designs take a glamorous look with the right glitter colors so next time make sure have it.

Shellac Nail 2018 Top collection for Spring

Shellac French Nail Designs

French manicure looks elegant and suitable for every occasion. From work to weddings you can have a shellac French manicure in a beautiful design that will make your nails look amazing. Ask for a colored or glitter nail design for the French tips to create something unique and impressive.

Shellac Toe Nail Designs

Shellac can last up to two weeks so having a pedicure with shellac gel is going to save you precious time. You can have any design you like in every possible color combination. Choose nude color shades for this season following the current trends and match them with geometric designs.

Wedding Shellac Nail Designs

Rhinestones, soft stripes, glitters and lace patterns are the perfect designs for wedding nails. Shellac gel is going to make your nails shine giving a glamorous touch on your hands that everyone will envy. They are suitable for medium short to long nails since shellac doesn’t lengthen the nails.

Shellac Gel Nails

Shellac nail designs are durable and resistant to nicks and smudges. They have very little drying time allowing you to have a quicker process. The end result has a shiny surface that will look amazing even during the second week. They are suitable for every occasion, formal and casual.

Shellac nails provide strength and durability on your nails. When it dries it creates a strong protective layer that reduces chipping and lasts 14 days.Gel nails look shiny and have rich colors that can make every woman’s nails look perfect. Shellac adds a natural look on your nails making it ideal for formal and informal occasions. In any case we hope that our guide has helped you to choose your next fabulous nail design.

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