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25 Pretty Bow Nail Art Designs You Must See

Bow Nail Art Designs

One of the hottest nail art styles is in painting a bow on your nails. Girls adulation those designs which accommodate a bow in them, whether it is in a accost backing nail art architecture or in the anatomy of a Barbie cutting a bow.

However, designing a bow on our little fingers is never as accessible as it is beautiful. One has to be an able in adjustment to get the appropriate results. And what is the affection that brings accomplishment in someone? The affection is practice. So let us alpha practicing bow nail art with appropriate blazon of tutorial to advice us.

Bow Nail Art Designs

The procedure starts with the common step. You have to put base coat of your choice of color to your nails. Remember that choice of colors make a huge difference. You have to choose a light shade and another nail paint shade that is in contrast to the first one.

Next step uses your dotting tool. Use your dotting tool to paint the polka dots on your nails. Paint these dots in the second color you have selected.

At the present choose any of you finger to which you want to apply the bow. You have the choice to apply bow nail art to any finger of both hands, or you can paint all of your fingers with these elegant bows. Start by painting two triangles on each nail. You can use either the color of base coat or of polka dots to make the central circle of the bow.

black and white polka dot bow nails bmodish.url

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