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25 Best Back to School Hairstyles 2018-2019

School season is back in full swing and everyone’s busy searching for sexy Back to School Hairstyles to show off to their school mates. And with that in mind, every girl wants to sport that new season look that will make them the envy of their friends. Talking about new season Back to School Hairstyles, we’ve got 25 cool ideas to keep you inspired. Please check them out.

Back to School Hairstyles

Straight Layered Choppy Lob

Stand out in a lob cut that’s textured and styled to sit sleek and straight. Chop the ends to create that sexy evenness and settle for a center part. Give the front half of the sides a sweep to the back ensuring they go over the ears. Secure them at the back and you have that pretty cool layered lob cut that will drive your admirers crazy.

Back to School Hairstyles

Silver Lace Front Wig

Sport that cool cloudy look of a silvery wig. Let the wig sit sleek and add some light textured look for that sweet upgrade. Sports a center part and let gravity do its work on the sides. Settle for a laced front by sweeping back the strands at the front ensuring they pass beneath the hair on the sides.

Green to Silvery Blue Laced Wig Ombre

If you aren’t planning on experimenting with the silvery blue ombre on your hair, then putting on a wig might be a good idea. Sport one that’s extra long featuring that narrow center part. Start with a dark rooty top that stretches into that faded green shade. Let the green shade melt into silvery blue at the middle. Go for that classic twist by giving the hair a flip at the middle.

Layered Dark Silver Wig

Go for a wig that sports a dark shade for the base color. Style it to sit straight and sleek and make a side part. Highlight the dark shade in a silvery hue that starts high up the top stretching to the ends. Leave the roots dark to help you retain some naturalness in this sexy laced wig ombre.

Laced and Capped Silvery Lavender Wig Ombre

Choose to go for that extra long wig that’s got the sweetness of a laced front. Give the hair a blowout to add volume and apply hair drying products. Go the ombre style by sporting a dark silvery hue at the top letting it shift into lavender at the bottom. Sport some loose strands to add softness to the hair.

Wavy Honey Blonde Balayage

Stand out in this sweet balayage ombre. It all starts with that buttered blonde shade that makes the base shade. Keep the hair sleek, smooth and straight and go on to sport light blonde balayage highlights at the bottom half. Accent this sexy balayage ombre by styling the bottom half of the hair into contoured waves.

Triple Knot Half Up Hairstyle

Start this style with a blowout to your extra long dark brown hair. Style it into an ombre by sporting a shift into a light brown shade at the bottom. Grab the hair at the front into three different bundles on each side. Warp each pair around the head and tie into a knot at the back. And there you have it – a triple knot that looks quite classy.

Wrap Around Crown Braid

Here’s a sexy crown braid that starts with some soft texture to the hair. Braid the sides and front into a crown braid that warps around your sleek and smooth hair. Secure at the back to finish this trendy styling.

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