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30+ Lovely Sassy Summer Nails Designs 2018

Summer nails are always a fun way to express your love for all things summer! From seashells to palm trees and pretty flowers, the possibilities are endless!

If you are looking for cute ideas for summer nail designs, look further! We have put together some of our favorite ideas for summer nail art that you will just adore!

If you love DIY nail art, most of these are easy nail designs that you can duplicate on your own. If you don’t have the artistic flair, you can certainly show pics of your favorite designs for summer nail art to your nail stylist. However, most of these are simple enough for you to try them at home.

The key to summer nails is to pick bright and vivid colors or soft and pretty pastels. Next, you can opt for fun designs like starfish, florals, fruits, and so forth. Then you can add stickers, nail gems, and other fun embellishments.

Sassy Summer Nails Designs

Funky Feathers

This gorgeous dark violet sparkling base adorned with bright feathers is fun and a bit edgy.

Swirly Rainbows

Marble art is so versatile. We just love this swirly whirl of rainbow colors!

Blue Ombre Waves

This blue and white gradient effect with blue on the fingertips is reminiscent of hot summer days by the pool.

Sand Art Nails

For the ocean lover, we suggest this charming design with white and blue swirls and cute sea-themed embellishments. Adorn your ring finger with gold nail polish and starfish accessories.

Tropical Nail Art

If you are a lover of the beach and romantic sunsets, these designs were made for you! Dark silhouettes of palm trees and dolphins on a background that resembles a sunset are dreamy and exotic.

Cute Flowers

Here is another classy look if you love floral nail art. Pretty floral silhouettes in vivid yellow, pink and violet hues on a white nail base are very romantic.

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