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40 Pics Of Partial Balayage Hairstyles for Ladies

Are you in love with balayage but you’re not sure whether or not it will match with your sense of style? How about a partial balayage? There are lots of discreet combos you can try out. From slight blonde hues on light brown hair to deeper tones of honey and even gray on your red hair, the options are vast. All you need is the advice of a specialist. Let us have a closer look at 40 amazing partial balayage looks that might convince you to get out of your comfort zones this season.

Pics Of Partial Balayage Hairstyles for Ladies

We know that coloring pure black hair is tough. But since purple is in trend this season, you can easily get lighter highlights at the very ends without damaging your hair. Curl it up and you’re all set. The change is mostly visible if you wear nude or white clothes.

Perfect curls is yet another cool trend of this season. Women with longer locks are go with partial balayage highlights in nuances of warm and light blonde. The final result: beach waves. They’re effortless and can be worn with any sort of outfit.

A textured bob with a middle parting can look incredibly fresh and chic. But if you’re sick and tired of your natural brown, we recommend partial balayage highlights in warm blonde nuances. Neat and sleek, just what you need to make an impression.

Chop off your hair for the summer and go with the coolest, sleekest bob. Keep longer layers in the front and opt for partial balayage hues at the surface to open up your natural color. Embrace the final result as we guarantee it get you out of your comfort zone.

Partial blonde balayage highlights in the front are meant to open up your hair color, especially around the face. Women with warm blonde locks should dare to take the plunge and make a change. It might not seem much, but we guarantee the result will make you feel completely different.

Lovely gray ends is yet another fabulous form of partial balayage. The best hairstyle for this combo is the long asymmetrical bob with a side parting or fringe. Get out of your comfort zone and prepare yourself to be admired!

Rose gold and partial tones of gray at the tips will make your medium-length hair look fabulous. The combo is fresh and vivid, so if you plan on entering the spring season in style, this is the hair combo that will blow everyone away.

Partial rose gold under layers and discreet tones of purple can look sublime. This colorful combo is ideal for women with thinner locks. Choose layers for an added touch of originality, and the end result will exceed all your expectations.

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