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41+ Perfect Long Hairstyles for Ladies 2018 – 2019

What better way to celebrate the rewards of growing your hair than by trying out fun long hairstyles? Ladies with long locks know how hard and never-ending the process of getting the hair of their dreams was. As a result, going wild with braids, ponytails, buns, pigtails and more is a perfect way to start enjoying it. Learn more below!

Long Hairstyles for Ladies

Long Curly Hairstyles

Many of us dream of having naturally curly hair, but unfortunately a lot of us were born with straight locks. However, you can softly style your hair to get these casual curls.

Elegant Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

Wedding coming up? If you’re not a fan of complicated updos, you can always go for classy half up, half down hairstyles like this one. What truly makes the hairstyle beautiful is the wavy or slightly curled hair, so keep that aspect in mind.

Two Color Long Hairstyles for Women

Long red and black hair provides a stunning contrast for your overall look. To highlight the two bold shades, go for a braided hairstyle that flatters the transition from one to another.

Messy Pigtail Braids

Selfies are food for the soul of your social media followers. If you want to show off your gorgeous features in a selfie without too much effort, go for some messy pigtail braids for picture-perfect results.

Half Double Dutch Pigtails

Double Dutch braids are becoming more and more popular among long hairstyles. You can tweak the look by stopping the braids at the back of your neck. Leave the rest as normal pigtails for a sassy approach to this hot look.

Braid and Cap Hairstyles

You can also rock your daddy hat with the braid of your choice. Fishtail, French, Dutch or traditional are just a few examples. If you follow us on HairMotive, you already know the rule – the messier, the better.

Half Up Flower Braided Buns

Another way to show off your ombre hair is with this cute hairstyle. The top half is twisted into a beautiful braided bun, while the rest flows freely down your back.

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