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45 Oval Nail Art Ideas polish 2018 trends

Cared hands square measure one thing that the primary notice on the person. they assert plenty concerning North American nation, as a result of we’d like to require care of their hygiene. Cared nails square measure the foremost stunning decoration in every hand. At identical time, it’s not thus vital not fight, no grooves on the nails, the foremost vital issue is that they’re healthful. No,it’s not necessary that your nails square measure invariably nice embellished, as a result of fashionable lounges give a range of services like medical specialty gel or acrylic nails due to what the village are stunning and to a month.

Oval Nail Art Ideas polish

This manicure looks complicated, but it actually isn’t. It remind me on galaxy, there are so many colors so it you can easily combine whit every wear combination.

Like I said, beige will be trendy in winter also, so wear it refreshed with some strong color on one nail like in photo where is refreshed with black.

If you prefer natural nails, nail polishes Essie are great choice because they last longer than simple nail polish, and also they have beautiful collection for 2016.

Ombre first became popular in the salons for hair care and then transferred in manicure. Modern for a few seasons, it will be the right choice, especially with such a strong autumn colors like red and black.

Nail polishes with diamond reflections are sophisticated and glamorous, will give a special touch to your elegant style. There are numerous stickers and labels with which you can pattern nails if you are not great in drawing. Above that only a transparent nail polish and will be great.

Gelling nails is modern technique to prolong the natural nail and make them stronger. That will help you if you suffer from weak nails. If you suffer from weak nails what often break, gel will give them strength and long lasting. During you put gel on your nails take care about length, if you are employed too long nails avoid couse they can interfere you while you do your work activities. For their decoration there is a lot of ideas, just let your imagination run wild. Another advantage of this manicure compared to the classic manicure with nail polish is that nails colored with nail polish fray very fast, and almost every other evening and again need to paint your nails, while the gelled nails last long.Two colors are an absolute hit in 2016. These are dark blue colors and dark beige. Dark blue nails can be enriched with rhinestones, zircons, so enjoy them this winter, while the beige colored are superfluous, it is always in fashion, sophisticated, delicate, feminine color for the ladies of impeccable taste.In the season autumn-winter 2016/2017 continue to be dominated metallic colors on your nails, gold and silver primarily. Also will be modern ‘knitted’ nails. It is about the manicure where nails reminds to the knitted sweater, nails are embossed. For this is best to use 3D Gel polish, which are similar to ordinary gel only thicker and tougher spills so you can to draw a patterns that remain until you dry them in the lamp. Over that goes the final coat of paint or clear gel. For the upcoming winter this manicure is an excellent choice.

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