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50+ Colorful Striped Nail Art Designs

Fingernails are considered to be an item of cosmetic beauty by women all over the world. They enhance the beauty of the nails by applying various shades of Striped Nail Art Designs. It has been the usual norm that women apply polish over their entire nails without any design as such. Very recently creative artists have created several designs which can be painted over the nails in addition to the usual Striped Nail Art Designs to enhance its beauty. This is done by painting the nails with stripes and is commonly referred to as Striped Nail Art Designs.

Striped Nail Art Designs

Striped Nail Art Designs

What are the designs that can be created on the nails?
Strictly speaking this creative art has no limitation. You can create any design on the nails with stripes being the most popular.

How do you actually paint your nails with stripes?
You need certain equipment before attempting this creation.

Cutting mat and ruler.
Rotary cutter
Roll of medical tape
Normal nail polish
Creative mind for creating the perfect design.

Steps to be followed for creating a simple stripe design of your choice:
The procedure can vary from design to design but the basic procedure is the same.

Clean and manicure your nails.
Apply a base coat with your normal nail polish.
Allow it to dry.
Cut the medical tape into thin stripes by placing it on the cutting mat. The normal width should be around 1/16th of an inch.
You should peel off the strips and apply them to each nail and ensure that they remain parallel. Medical tape is always better than sello tape.
You should ensure to paint the entire nail with the lighter color. After ensuring that the coat dries off completely, you can go ahead and paint the darker stripes over the top.
The tape ensures that the are under the tape is not affected by the coat which is applied over the tape.
Once this coat dries up, you can remove the tape and find that your design gets imprinted over the nail and gives it a beautiful look.

Precautions to be used while creating the design:
As far as possible use a small brush or even a toothpick to apply the coat where the thin lines are required.
The desigs can range from simple stripes to the complex ones depending upon your skill and expertise.
See to it that the paint dries every time before applying the next coat to avoid suudging of the colors.
The nail should be clean and manicured perfectly, otherwise the beauty is lost.
Old nail polish if any should be removed with a nail polish remover.
As far as possible apply the lighter color as the base and the darker colors subsequently.
Using a medical tape which is adhesive in nature helps. In case to feel that the adhesive might rip off your polish, you can stick the adhesive side to your finger first and then remove it and stick to your nails.

Choosing the colors:
There is no hard and fast rule for choosing your colors. You can choose any color you deem fit. It should look attractive and colorful.
Use your imagination to the fullest and let it run wild without any inhibition.
The more adventurous the design the more popular it becomes. Colors too can be chosen in any manner so long as it looks attractive and suits your skin.

Benefits of nail stripes:
The nail looks absolutely stunning to look at after applying the designs.
It imparts a sense of fashion and class to the fingers and makes one stand out in the crowd.
It gives full freedom to a person to exhibit her creativity to the maximum.
The beauty of the nails get enhanced and makes it look attractive.
One can experiment with various colors without any fear or inhibition.
This is a procedure which can be done at your home also and does not require any special skill as such. However an expert is always welcome. One should only take care to ensure that the best quality equipment is used. Nail polish should be of good quality and non toxic in nature. The beauty of this stripe design is that you can create different designs on all thenails and still get away with it in the name of fashion and creativity. People can really let go of their apprehensions and gat their nails painted in a riot of colors. As there is no fixed design as such you can actually paint anything as long as it looks attractive and pleasing.

Here is a collection of some of the most beautiful nail stripe designs ranging from the sublime to the outrageous.

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