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65 Awesome Nail Designs for Spring And Summer

I’ve always wanted to gather the really 65 awesome nail designs for spring and summer I see when I go on Pinterest or Instagram and gather them in one place for when I’m feeling fun so found the most creative nail art ideas I could find on the internet. There are so many creative nail art designs out there, why the list is so long, but I could only look for so long. In this nail art gallery, I have many funky step by step tutorials, starting with simple like pink and purple ombre to matte black coffin looks for Halloween, and even classy looks with rhinestones and glitter.

There is so much variety in this long list. I have looks for spring, summer, fall, and winter, and if you’re not as old as me, nail art designs for teens and kids. I didn’t know you could be so creative with the negative space of a black white french nail. Finding these gave me awesome ideas for DIY crafts I can do on my short nails for just about every holiday I know. These will help you find the best design on your acrylic or gel nails for toes or even just that one accent ring finger you have to do against other simple nails.

Awesome Nail Designs for Spring And Summer

Yellow, purple, and pink reminds me of sunsets I love watching at the beach which is why this nail art design 2018 will be great for summer every year! The palm tree leaves are great with the tropical theme of your vacation. Get perfect stripes in this nail art by going bottom to top and using tape.

This creative nail art design is awesome for kids, teens, and women! It’s really holographic nails that would be great on the big holiday New Years! It uses glitter to make the look, but it doesn’t look like there’s much at first. If you or your girls want to add the unicorn or rainbow, find a cute nail decal! It doesn’t even have to be their’s, be funky and bring out those stiletto stickers!

These nails are gorgeous. I love the tan, white, and blue colour scheme. You can replicate this look with perfect lines by cutting tape into the wanted shapes. How they did it was super easy by getting nail stickers and placing them!

I love the texture of these nails! The glitter really does remind me of sand, but it’s pink glitter and prettier. I really like how she put accent designs on the ring finger and middle finger. It’s different than most nail designs for teens or women. She lists where you can get the products!

This sea life theme nail art design is perfect for summer! You can do this look on so many different kinds of nails like acrylic or even short nails! It has the coolest look and texture and I think she used “Ultra Chrome Flakies” to get the glitter design. Use a similar nail product or polish in simple polka dots for a universal and classy DIY craft idea.

I want to know how she got the lines into perfect triangles, because the yellow, pink, purple background looks easy. Just use a base color and dot a sponge of different colors around. Depending on the colors, it can look more like space which was the tutorial I saw on Pinterest for this hack.

I want this red glitter polish. Did you see the half moon design on the pointer finger? I wish the was step by step, but the creative nail art design can be easily replicated. Just grab your thin black brush and project and draw cute little flowers, they don’t have to look exactly like these flowers. You can even change it and draw cute little and big hearts for Valentines Day.

I have gotten watermelon nails for the summer ever since I can remember, but I have never seen them like this. It combines the big nail art design 2018 trend, watercolor, with the summer favorite, watermelon. She just watered down some acrylic paint to get the water look. Make sure to seal it with top coat.

This design didn’t look too hard, but the video tutorial definitely made it easy than I thought. It looks like she used a really thin and pointy paint brush to paint the design on. Her use of different colors like yellow on the leaves and in the flower, is such a beautiful touch of art. Try this at home. I think you can do it since the video is really good.

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