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Beautiful nail polish 2018 manicure for women


Beautiful manicure for women has always been important, which is why ladies are thrilled to fashion trends of each new season.

Speaking of fashion lacquers of the new season, I would like to mention glossy shades. The new season at the top of the popularity of the classic colors such as red, beige, white, black, blue. At the same time the designers did not hide his love for such shades like purple and dark green. It seems that the new season will be held under the auspices of the dark colors.

nail polish 2018 manicure

Among the favorites of the season – with the effects of varnish. Especially popular with the effect of cracking varnish.
Fashion trends in 2016 include and yellow. This is one of the few bright colors that will be popular this season.

Among the most urgent tones of the new season – brilliant lacquers. Designers say gold and silver, but many stylists emphasize that in 2016 will be in vogue and bronze.
Metallic shades look good on short nails, long nails gold or silver colors look defiant.

Pale shades of blue, pink and purple were also seen in the fashion catwalk.
Be sure to include a collection of fashion paints new season set for French manicure. This spring he was at the peak of popularity, as well as its antipode – moon manicure.

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