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Best 34+ ideas for Black Nails Art Design

Black nails art is super classy and totally sexy. Whether you opt for a classy black and white nail art design or some bold colors like black and gold or black and red, you’ll be in style!
Black easy nail designs are timeless! You can paint your nails shiny black and add some bold color for a French tip. Or you can add gemstones so that your nails sparkle in the sunlight!
From cute nails to all kinds of fun color combos, we have created a gallery of our favorites just for you!
Check out these totally awesome ideas for black nail designs! Remember to pin your faves for future inspiration!

Gold with Black Triangles

Apply on your nails metallic gold polish and then paint glossy black triangles on each finger. Add some golden studs for extra bling!

Black and Nude Cute Nails

This modern double French mani is chic and elegant with a nude base and triangle black tips. Combination of sparkly black tips and rose gold stripes look great!

Black with Gold Stripes

Paint your nails shiny black and then use thin nail tape to make metallic gold stripes at the tips for a sleek and sexy mod of French manicure.

Tribal Polka Dots

On a matte black base, paint tribal polka dots in a circle, starting with one in the middle and forming circles of polka dots around that until you reach the ends of your nails. These pretty matte shades of blue, silver, and pink give a totally tribal vibe that is hip and trendy.

Watercolor Waves

We love this black and white watercolor effect that is easily duplicated by swirling the two colors together!

Shiny Nails

Here is another take on the French mani with shiny black tips and glistening white and black rhinestones for an accent nail. You will definitely catch everyone’s eyes with this chic and stylish look!


If you love all things haunted, why not paint white ghosts on your nails? Use a black nail polish as a base and create a blue glitter ombre effect. Then add a matte top coat, paint some spooky ghosts and scare the pants off everyone you meet!

Black and Holo Chevron Nails

Chevron nails are great in every color combination, but we think this black and holographic chevron pattern is extra stunning!

Spooky Spider Webs

If you love Halloween, you’ll flip for these black nails with thin white spider webs! If you want, you can even paint a spider on your accent finger!

Mosaic Nails

This look is totally classy with its black, white, and gray mosaic tiles. Use a black nail art pen to make the mosaic tiles and then fill them in with alternating shades of gray, white, and black to complete the mosaic effect.

Black Octopus Nails

Paint white as the base color and then paint the body and legs of an octopus across 3-4 of your nails for a 3-D effect. You can do a tribal octopus if you want to give it a bit of an artsy vibe.

Cute Heart-Shaped Negative Space

In case you are looking for simple nail designs for short nails then this is exactly what you need. A combination of nude negative space and black nail polish looks great and contrastingly.



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