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Best Popular Nail Art Designs for every lady

Everyone knows that the best way for every lady to complement the look is to make a creative manicure. Modern girls and women have a great chance to diversify their nails in any way they prefer! But don`t think it`s enough to change different polishes or designs to look impressive. Nail form is also very important! It is possible to create different types of nail form: square, round, almond, squoval, coffin… Despite the variety of the choice of nail forms, oval nails are still favored!

Popular Nail Art Designs
Popular Nail Art Designs

Nails of the oval form are similar to round nails but more neat and soft! Rounded tip like a semi-circle can make your fingers look longer! Think that oval form is used only for long nails? Nothing like that! Slender sides with a wide base forming a peak can have both long and short free edge. It`s an excellent choice for those ladies who prefer natural look! You can make your own nails oval or give natural shape gel or acrylic ones. The best thing about oval shaped nails is their utility! You`re unlikely to break a nail, `cause there are no sharp edges. Moreover, it`s easy to do oval nails yourself without going to a professional salon!

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