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Cute Angel Wing Nail Art for Ddifferent Occasions

Nails are a very important part of a women’s appearance. All ladies want their look to be perfect with make-up and outfit. But girls don’t forget to look over your nails. They should always be kept clean because it shows how hygienic a person is. Just application of nail colour is no longer enough to enhance your beauty. So under make-up and cosmetics a new department has emerged. Nail spa and salon provides facilities like nail cleanup, nail art designing, Acrylic Nail Designs. There are so many nail designs in the market and the nail artists make a very good work on the customer’s nails. Amongst so many nail designs Angel Wing Nail Art is selected by women, for different occasions.

Angel Wing Nail Art

Pattern Angel Wings Nail Art

Angel wings on nails can be designed with different textures, colors and patterns. This type of design is bold than other wing designs. The choice of the color depends on the customer, but if you don’t have color choice then please leave it to your artist. You just show-off your beautiful design.

Angel Wing Nail Art For Short Nails

Nail designing is an artistic work so it decides whether the nail artist is capable or no. If the artist is able to design on short nails also then he/she is a professional. Angel wings can be done on short nails also and will look the best if good color combination is selected. Cloud Nail Art is also commonly done on short nails.

White 3d Angel Wing Nails

3D nail designs can be done with rhinestones, nail stickers, acrylics and also gels. Small brushes are available in the cosmetic stores which help in the application and making of 3D white wings on the nails. There is a specific technique to do this. Visit a nail salon for perfection.

Angel Butterfly Wings Gel Nail Art

In gel nail art it makes the nails look so shiny and glittery that it catches everyone’s eyes. First of all base nail color is applied as per combination, then angel butterfly wings are made over them and a gel coat is applied over again for finishing touch. You can go to office with this design. Your personality will enhance.

Acrylic Butterfly Angel Wings Nail Art

Acrylic design is a part of nail designing. There are tools which will help you to make your work easy. Acrylic materials are difficult to get but yes they will be available online. So you can surely try this once.

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