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Cute Nail art Designs for Christmas Night

Hurry hurry! Christmas is arriving with is jingling bells all the way and loads of exciting Santa’s gifts and blessings. Though you are a grown up girl now, the thrill for Christmas night still exists for all ladies out there.

Don’t forget about dressing up your nails themed for this stunning occasion with these Christmas Nail art Designs and Ideas. Your outfit will diligently match footsteps with your graceful Christmas Nail art Designs and Ideas making you look all set to celebrate birthday of Jesus Christ.

Nail art Designs for Christmas
Nail art Designs for Christmas

Christmas is to winters and winter is all about cute little penguins. And if you love them, you will be pleased to get them on your nails as well, isn’t it? Paint your nails with black base coat and then with white making half oval. Complete your penguin with pretty orange feet and beak and eyes with small white circle. You may paint penguins on all of your fingers or prefer painting on alternate ones.

Santa Claus, being the most lovable person for this prosperous festival could be the unavoidable Christmas nail art idea to articulate your nails. Rudolph will add up a sharp and innocent charm to your nail art design along with glittery polka dots in alternate nails. You may paint these polka dots to signify snowballs or in red to signify the Christmas color.



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