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Cute Nails Color Polish Manicure Designs

Nails Polish 2018/2019 New

If you are still cerebration about what affectionate of manicure to accept for the new season, pay absorption to abnormal fatigues. In particular, this year’s French manicure is more accepting momentum. It is compared with the lunar nail design, but clashing him, the French claims to the capital trend of the season. What is fashionable? In the trend of the best abnormal combinations of patterns, shapes and colors.

Nails Color Polish

One of the main trends of the new season is getting a manicure with designs and patterns. Important to create nail art painting and decorated with rhinestones. In this version, the manicure looks like a work of art. Note the colorful patterns and art print. Fashionable to create a French manicure in classic view (with the white tip of the nail) and add to it an original artistic drawings.
If you want to create a trendy nail art, please note on the mirror nail Polish. This is one of the main trends of the new season, which only grows in popularity. How to create it?

At home, it can be created by using a special film. However, if you want to make a beautiful and even coverage, please note salon manicure special powder. This powder is nothing but a powder, which is applied to the nail and fixed with UV lamp. Acrylic powder contains micro particles of aluminium, resulting in a beautiful mirror effect, which has no analogues.

If you want to create a luxurious manicure, pay attention to the lunar nail design. It looks very stylish, and thanks to modern solutions, masters create amazing combinations. Important to create moon manicure with these colors like red and black as well as nail designs with metallic shades!

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