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How to do Cute Ombre Nails Designs

Over the past seasons, the question how to do Ombre Nails Designs has taken over the internet. There is no wonder why Ombre Nails Designs is so popular since this is the perfect way to combine your favorite shades without doing your nails twice. What is more, apart from mere color transition, ombre evolved to the new levels, and we are going to discuss these fresh and unique techniques today. To tell you the truth, we will even help you differentiate and become a pro with different ways to do Ombre Nails Designs. Ombre is the best choice for natural nails, but get ready to discover the ways how to do gradient nails with gel polish and ombre nails acrylic with the least of efforts and the best ideas!

Ombre Nails Designs

How to Do Ombre Nails Without Sponge

In case you are wondering how to do gradient without sponge you have come to the right place. The thing is that you can pull off perfect ombre with the help of a cotton ball, a Q-tip or even a napkin.

Ombre Nails Designs

Ombre Nails with Brush

Another interesting way of how to do ombre nails is to do ombre nails with brush. What is more, if you like your ombre nails French, this is exactly what you need:

Ombre Nails Designs

Ombre Nails with Airbrush

In case you are wondering how to do ombre gel nails without sponge so that it is fast and efficient, we may have some useful info for you here. The fastest ombre will require an airbrush, it may be pretty expensive but it is totally useful. Creating ombre has never been so easy. Have a look yourself, here is what you need to do:

Glitter Ombre Gel Nails

Glitter ombre gel nails are not for everyone, but sometimes the festive mood just begs for a nice sparkly addition. You do not need to go over the edge, just a little bit is more than enough. And here is how you can do that:

Ombre Nails Designs

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