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Dotting Tool Nail Art: Step-by-Step Pictures

The dotting tool may be a tool for Nail Art style that resembles a pen with a ball on the top. Its 2 versions, double-sided and one with exchangeable tip, square measure very talked-about currently. completely different diameters of the ball permit to make patterns of various complexness from normal ones to real masterpieces. Points on the nails shown within the photos look fashionable and original. you’ll be able to draw nail art with dotting tool quickly and simply reception. the entire method for beginners is bestowed in in small stages photos and videos.

Step-by-Step Pictures
Step-by-Step Pictures

Nail Art with Dotting Tool Designs

With a simple nail art dotting tool kit professionals can create drawings on shellac. Beginners and lovers are better to start with simple schemes not to lose enthusiasm. Step-by-step pictures will help avoid mistakes.

For creative experiments polishes of colors required are applied drop by drop on a sheet of paper. In this case, it is easier to collect them with the dotting tool.

Dotting Tool for Nails Art: Simple Drawings at Home

There are simple compositions that can be easily nail art dotting tool by beginners. For example, geometrical figures, abstractions or animal prints. You can make a print original with spots of different size applied randomly or orderly. Special skills are not required, but the aesthetic taste is necessary.

French Peas Manicure

Cover the entire length of the nails with a light pink gel polish;
Paint a white “smile” on the tip. The basis for the design should be classic French manicure;
Draw symmetric double row of drops with the dotting tool. The picture must be positioned horizontally just under the white stripe of French;
Layers of all stages should be applied one after another and dry them after applying the finishing coat.

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