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Easy Spring Nail Designs: Trends 2018-2019

Easy Spring Nail Designs: Trends 2018-2019

The nail art has been long developed and have already pleased fashionistas with so great number of interesting and extraordinary designs, that new nail artists’ ideas should have dried up. However, each season gives us new surprises, and Spring 2018 is no exception.  On the one hand, it is associated with cold and long nature’s sleep. On the other hand, it is time for festive holidays and celebration, so stylish Spring Nail Designs 2018 are notable for great diversity.

Spring Nail Designs

Easy Mirror Nail Designs For Spring

This design implies the use of polyether powder that is rubbed into the top gel layer, due to which you can get a perfect beautiful mirror surface. Depending on painting pigments and extent of the grind, powder can be mirror and shimmering. It can shine and change colors depending on lighting and viewing angle. No matter what you choose in winter, everything will suit.

The French design combined with mirror powder, matte nails with chromed edge or mirror surface with contrasting line of the “smile” can become a great idea and attract everyone’s attention at Christmas or New Year Party.

Pieces of holographic cellophane and foil applying on the nail surface in random order will create an effect of broken glass that has been popular for many seasons. Nail designs for January will be even more suitable as silver and blue foil looks like ice pieces and golden foil provokes memories of festive fireworks and champagne splashes.

Golden and silver transitions are the most popular options. They perfectly suit winter motifs but in winter 2018 other colors are also of demand. Gentle pink, purple, peach-colored transitions can be an important part of both festive and everyday nail design.

Those fashionistas who miss summer days can choose dark rich colors that will warm them on cold days. Pay attention to wine, chocolate, Marsala and cognac colors.

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