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Girls and Women Hair Tips for Square Faces

Girls and Women Hair Tips for Square Faces they have, and others are not certain. Before you begin looking at hairstyles for square faces, make sure that your face shape is square. Take a full face picture of yourself without a smile. Print the photo and draw lines to define the contours of your face. Girls, who have a square face, find that the length of their face is approximately equal to its width. Besides, cheekbones and jaw angles in such faces are evident.
So, if you really have a square face, you are the lucky one! Women with square faces are very photogenic even when they grow older. And a flattering hairstyle can accentuate their natural charm.
A sculptural chin and prominent cheekbones are specific features of a square face that often becomes the object of our admiration, because the most gorgeous Hollywood beauties (Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley, Sandra Bullock, to name a few) have square faces. However, girls with a square face shape often need to correct their strong jawline with a flattering hairstyle, because, in fact, the width and length of their face shape are practically equal. And that is a deviation from the ideal proportions. Stylists recommend usage of face-framing locks and asymmetry in order to soften the angular outlines of square faces.Girls and Women Hair Tips for Square Faces.

Romantic Side Braid

A square shaped face is all about the cheekbones. Pulling hair to one side in a romantic loose french braid is a no-brainer for any girl with long hair, but with this face shape, the style is all the more stunning. It’s impossible to go wrong with cascading curls and twisted, make-shift bangs.

Futuristic Long Waves

Female long hairstyles have recently become very edgy. If you think you have the patience to achieve waist length hair, you might want to learn how to trim it yourself so you’re not tempted by a major haircut. It’s easy!

Cute Braided Lob

Shorter hairstyles for square faces should incorporate sweeping side bangs and lots of layers. Whether or not you have thick hair, you can fake it with this curly bob look. Simply tease the roots and curl your locks mid shaft to ends. For a special touch, add a braid that hides beneath the layers.

Hipster Top Knot

This half-up, half-down top knot is an of-the-moment hairstyle that is part hipster and part chic fashionista. While it can work on medium length hair, it looks best with long locks. More important than length is that the lower strands lie flat so there isn’t too much volume on the bottom.

Short Crop for Thick Hair

Short hair is not out of your reach if you have a square jawline, but you wouldn’t want a blunt cut that hits right at your jaw corners. As long as you soften the edges at the expense of texture, you can wear your comfortable short hair length and look great.

Urban Pixie Cut

If you don’t like all those waves and curls and would rather prefer the extra short length, your short hair cut can certainly be edgy, modern and chic. The top is grazed with a lighter hue, the sides and back are clipped close—definitely a bold statement!

Honey Brown Waves

Medium hair is an excellent way to frame a square shaped face. With a side part above one temple and long bangs falling to the other temple, this haircut is really the best explanation of the hairstyling term “frame.” The cut is incredibly flattering and easy to maintain.

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