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Glamorous and Charming Short Wavy Hairstyles

Short wavy hairstyles look classy and can add oodles of charm to your personality if done the correct way. They are easy to maintain and bring a unique softness to the face. If you are looking for some inspiration to style Short Wavy Hairstyles, here are 55 amazing ways in which you can make the routine Short Wavy Hairstyles glamorous and charming.

Short Wavy Hairstyles

Go for this fuzz-free look if you are looking for a hairstyle which is modern yet manageable. The contrasting blonde and dark highlights make the hairstyle look edgy.

This gorgeous hairstyle is full of fun and looks dreamy. The curls are held with a hair spray which adds texture to the hair without weighing them down.

Try this chic hairstyle if you are in a mood for something fun and flirty. The light waves add drama to the flat look. Add some serum to add shine to the hair.

The hair color adds a trendy touch to this hairstyle which is a perfect choice for shoulder length hair. The curls are defined and the hair serum keeps the frizz at bay.

This gradient hairstyle is trendy and looks smart because of the color combination of dark roots and lighter ends. Some definition is added to the waves with a hair mousse.

Give this fashionable haircut a try if you want to go for something intriguing. The shiny silver hair color with soft waves makes it a great hairstyle for short hair.

If you want to try a lighter hair color, try this simple wavy hairstyle which suits the skin tone well. You can also go for a shaded look with two tones of the same color.

This multicolored hairstyle is modern yet chic. The waves are shaded with brown and black colors for a gradient look. The undercut is kept short for adding volume to the top portion.

This lovable haircut is a perfect blend of casual and fashionable hair. Go for this short haircut with highlights for a soft romantic look. Set the hair with some hair serum for a polished look.

Ombre hairstyles are a rage this season and this light and dark hairstyle is sexy and chic. The front portion is dyed in a muted brown shade and the back portion is kept natural for a contrast.

Add some color to your personality with this beautiful combination of blue, pink, and purple streaks on black hair. The colorful highlights give the hairstyle a modern twist.

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