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Grey White Box Braids for Women 2018

Grey White Box Braids are back, and for most of us, they never were out of style. This versatile hairdo, often worn to protect your natural hair, is the ideal summer style for girls all over the world. The benefit of low maintenance allows you to wake up and step out without having to spend hours styling your hair. Just imagine: you can go swimming whenever you want or boogie the nights away without worrying about your hair. Plus, you can pretty much experiment with anything: you can wear it up or down, colored, curled or twisted. The possibilities are limitless. And now that celebrities like Beyoncé have made it a staple, you can’t possibly miss out on this classic protective do. To help you make a quick decision on which braid to choose, we’ve rounded up 25 of the best gray box braids! Delve in to find out more:

About 40 Inches of Box Braids Beauty

Do you secretly wish you had really long hair? Well, here is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rock long truly long hair for a couple of weeks. This box braids style is just super-gorgeous. Plus, you can take advantage of the long hair to create high ponytails or just pull it all up into a bun that will cover the whole of your head. How gorgeous is that? Just get this box braids done and decide which style you want. All the best!

Short Bob Cut with Delicate Grey Color

It’s just amazing to know how to do groovy styles with box braids. But it’s even more exciting to wake up and not have to do anything to your hair before stepping out (okay, apart from a little moisturizer spray). The fact that all your friends will be struggling with their hair while you slay is a great reason for you to try out this style. Please come back and share with us your experiences once you do this short bob.

This girl is a hero. She has experimented with box braids and come up with a unique style. I saw this hair-do and immediately fell in love with it. Of course, I understand not everyone will love such a style. But the intricacy that comes with it is simply adorbs! Next time you want to surprise your girlfriends, try this look and come back here with a testimony.

Small box braids never go out of fashion. You can dig your fingers through them and enjoy the bounciness of thinner strands. For extra fun, go all bold with the grey color. Have your salonist skillfully style your head for an even better finish. You will definitely kill the look.

Forget about complexity for a second, and pick something as simple as this. Lowlights and highlights of grey blended together for a big bout of personality. Finally, wrap it up nicely to create a dapper look and show off your lovely skin. A glass of wine wouldn’t do you any harm as well. Both of this will make you feel really good.

These particular box braids are the ideal style regardless of age because there are so many opportunities to come up with your own style and make them your own.

Sometimes, all it takes to ace that innocent look is some tiny box braids styled to one side of your cheek. The other cheek will be left to glow in its all splendor and glory.

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