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Lovely And Vibrant Shellac Nail Designs Manicure

Shellac Nail Design

The struggle is real to find the ultimate Shellac Nail Designs Manicure. We have all been there for the fails. The color did not look like it does in the bottle, it chips or smudges within hours (…er, minutes) of painting it on. You go in for some nice acrylics or gels only to have your real nails damaged underneath. It is 2018 for gosh sakes, why are we still dealing with this?!

Purple Short Nails with Glitter Accent

Vibrant Shellac Nail Designs

This purple manicure gets an extra dose of fun with the glittery accent nail. The pretty purple is flattering on any skin tone. The shade of glitter stands out in all the right ways with tiny flecks of blue and silver. This is a fun manicure for a teen…or for a vacation!

Lovely Pastel Pink and Purple with Snowflakes

Since the colors in this manicure are light pastels, it is a great way to try something a little daring without being too loud. The baby pink and delicate lavender color alternate nails, with a matte purple accent nail on the ring finger with snowflake nail art. Perfect for any winter princess!

Classic Airy Pink Neutral Nails

This look will simply never go out of style. A barely there shade of pink is one of the nude nail colors that always look polished and professional for every occasion. This is the perfect everyday manicure fallback because it goes with everything in your life and in your closet!

Deep Red Shellac Polish with Glitter

This shade of garnet red is beautiful for the holidays, and if you are lucky enough to have a favorite sports team with garnet as a color then you will have many more occasions to rock this look! The glittery red strikes the perfect balance of festive and sophisticated.

Short Classic Red Nails and Heart Design

Lovely classic cherry red nails are offset with a white accent nail complete with a decorative heart. This cute manicure is a fun and easy way to try nail art if you are new to the trend. The colors and accent nail are simple enough that they will blend with most ensembles.

Handful of Shiny Nude Nail Colors

If you love multi-colored manicures but work or go to school in a more conservative setting, a rainbow of nude colors is a really fun way to express yourself! These shades of Shellac include a grey-lavender color, a pretty sand color, and a fleshy peach shade. The shape and muted hues make this look suitable for work.

Vibrant Violet Stiletto Nail Manicure

This long nail design look is not for the faint of heart. Dramatic, long stilettos nails combined with a unique shade of violet demand attention. This color just screams summertime pool party. Pair it with some dramatic shades and a matching bikini and you’ll be good to go!

Shimmery Copper Bronze Stiletto Nails

A beautiful, warm bronze color lights up with micro glitter. This manicure has the Stiletto Nail shape, but the rich coppery bronze is one of those shellac colors that could easily work on any nail shape and length. The coppery bronze color is beautiful for autumn or as a summer metallic.

Pretty Nude Nail Art Designs with Glitter

Blush pink short squoval nails are accented twice in this cute manicure. The first accent nail has white base polish with thin horizontal silver micro glitter stripes painted across from top to bottom. The second accent nail has a gorgeous iridescent finish over silvery-white glitter. Simply gorgeous!

Pretty in Peach Shimmery Polish

This medium length combined with square shaped nails look great in a shade of peach with just a touch of silvery shimmer. This look would be so great in springtime and summertime with a nice floral dress! With just a little more color saturation than a true neutral, it is a nice seasonal shade.

Blue, Chevron, and Glitter Shellac Nail Designs

This manicure screams team spirit! Make a statement with short nail designs using a bright shade like this almost neon blue alongside accent nails. One finger has gold confetti glitter and the other has a white base with three stripes of gold glitter painted in a chevron pattern.

Romantic Dark Red for a Sultry Night

A drop-dead gorgeous shade of crimson red that works especially well on a romantic night if you want to impress your date. Pair your nails with a little back dress for a seducingly feminine and stunning style. Given the benefits of shellac, you don’t have to worry about worn out polish ruining your outfit. Just enjoy turning heads throughout the night!

Barely There Baby Pink Manicure

This is one awesome nude shade of pink. It is just opaque and saturated enough to color the whites of the nails, but it is an almost perfect match to this skin tone as a pretty pink nude. Combined with the understated oval-shaped nails and you have got yourself a reliable manicure staple.

Edgy Punk Rock Fashion Nails

This is rock and roll glam style at its very best. Jet black Shellac nails get a signature glossy finish with the gel manicure process. A silver glitter accent nail shimmers like a disco ball next to a white nail with shimmery silver stripes and a black heart. Now you are officially ready to rock!

Dusty Rose Nude Nails with Glitter Gold

The combo of the muted rose color and the gold accent nail is amazing for a special event, or just celebrating life! This is a classic, universally-flattering nude shade for most skin tones. The gold accent nail is glitter at its finest – textured, glitzy and oh so very shiny.

Purple and Gold Glitter shellac nail polish

Perfect party nails? Check! This short nail designs look combines three colors that compliment each other beautifully. The light pastel purple is contrasted next to a jelly boysenberry polish with subtle shimmer. The look is topped off with hexagonal glossy gold glitter on accent nails.

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