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The Most Popular Star Nails Design 2018

The Star Nails Design style is the most popular and trending Star Nails Design currently. A lot of girls these days prefer to wear these nail designs along with a variety of colors. A fancy and spunky nail done with perfection looks pretty and awesome to any girl. This royal and elegant nail painting is done to create natural looking, soft highlights which is considered as the modern coloring and styling methods. Check out the top 25 ravishing Star Nails Design Style trending these days.

This is a very fast, easy, effortless and simple way of styling your nails. You can enhance your beauty with this nail design by giving a slight messy touch to it. If you are the person who usually likes tobe in a casual attire then this nail style is a perfect option for you. The messy nails can be achieved easily with some studded stars and glitters. This type of nail style looks fantastic on any women, regardless of the length of her nails. If you want to try a different nail style definitely go for this one.

You can look cute and super sexy any time and every time by simply wearing this appealing star nail design. The coolest thing about this art is that you can wear it in a many different ways. You also have a choice of applying different shiny nail paints or else you can just go with the same color of paint on all your nails with attractive golden stars which will play a major role in giving a classy finish to your nail style. It seems nowadays, wearing a different color on each of the nails is the new trend. Those glittering magnificent stars give a versatile look to your personality.

If you are looking for an elegant and classy way of styling your nails then this is the best go-to nail style for you. This amazing nail style is capable of drawing all the attention to your charming hands. It matches with all the light nail paints. But at the same time, it suits more if you are having long white tips. The people are wearing this nail style after getting inspired by celebrities. The yellow color on the tip of your glowing nails along with the soft nail paint makes you look beautiful.

It is all about your personal style and confidence. Make sure to balance out the golden and brown all around. This is a universally flattering style. It can be worn in many different styles. The people are wearing this nail style after getting inspired by celebrities. There are many types of products available which you can try while trying this nail style. Make sure that you find the right product for you.

What a hot and bold way of styling your nails! Aren’t the nails looking fabulous? You will definitely fall in love with them. Star nail art and design have an advantage of experimenting with a lot of different nail colors. You will get an opportunity to rock a lot of bold colors like white, pink, brown and blue without damaging your nails. They take zero effort to maintain and also last for weeks which is probably considered to be the best part of star nail art.

It is also a different version of a star nail art and design. This sexy look is very easy to achieve as all you have to do is to carefully paint your nail into an incredibly beautiful star nail. Leave some black and white stars on the sides of your nail in order to give it a glorious finish. You can either paint the whole star or even draw the outline of a star if you are aiming for a more sexy and chiseled look.

Add some good dimension and drama to your ravishing nails along with few contrasting silver strips which pop out giving a fantastic look to your nail style. You can enhance the look of your star nails in a very creative way by providing texture to a few of your nails in the color of your choice. Here, as you can see the entire nail style looks even more eye-catching because of the grayish and silver texture provided to some of the nails.

This type of nail style makes the difference between an amateur and a great nail style. Star nail style is the next elegant. The picture says so. Why stick with the basic nail style? You can rock this famous style simply by texturizing it. This cute, textured and royal nail style adds a bit of attitude to your personality. If applied properly, it looks strikingly beautiful.

Craving an eye-catching appearance? Try this ultimate star nail style. With this look, you can easily manage to be sweet, charming yet seductive. Women with longer nails can make use of more colors which dissolves with black. This black undertone along with the golden and silver glittering stars on it make your nails look both pretty and sexy at the same time.

The sexy nail style works very well with medium to long sized nail. Your nail gets a pop because of the white colored glittering star on the shiny black nail which also has black undertones. This nail style looks appealing when you provide a golden texture to your dazzling nails. The variation of the golden and black undertones makes it ideal for both the cool and warm complexions.

This bouncy black and cream color on your nails along with silver strips and amazing black stars are worth dying for. This type of nail color suits best on the dark brown skin tone and with lighter shades on the tips giving the perfect statement to your nail style. This nail style is undoubtedly the best match for your personality if you are planning to attend a formal party. It demands care and maintenance in order to keep the nails in a perfect shape. You can’t even imagine how gorgeous you are going to look after wearing this nail style.

The blend of light pink and colorful designs works very well on the nails with the medium cool skin tones. The long straight nail gives a pop to the features and at the same time highlights the color’s richness. You just need to maintain your nail properly and get the edges trimmed frequently by your stylist in order to achieve an even length of the nail. Your nail gets a bright and vibrant look due to the overall shine. You can always make use of the shine gel or spray in order to keep it shiny and glowing.

This is a perfect example of how these star nails art and designs look on long and natural hair. Everyone wants to look beautiful, charming and cute with an eye-catching nail style. You can count on this nail style in order to keep your natural nail healthy and happy. Add up some spice to this style by putting some texture to it with glittering colors.

This tantalizing royal black color is one of the popular nail colors used for styling the nails which you can wear on many occasions during summer such as weddings, picnics, graduations etc. The ravishing golden stars with glitter looks amazing with the shiny smooth finish. It looks salon elegant but it is a difficult task to do it at home. You can’t ask for more after wearing this nail style.

Grey nail paint is the most preferred and hottest trend these days. If you are bold enough to try this art, then do not waste your time. This is the most popular and trending nail style of spring and summer! You don’t have to worry as you are not going to look middle-aged instantly after achieving this hairstyle. This amazing star nail style is capable of drawing all the attention to your astonishing hands. It matches with all the nail colors.

Star Nails Design

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