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Sexy and Trendy Shaved Hairstyles for Women

There’s a whole lot of shaved hairstyles for women. These haircuts owe their popularity to the sexy and trendy look they provide to the wearer. From the sweet pixie cut to the undercut bob, shaved hairstyles for women come in many different forms. This article looks at 55 inspirational ideas that will make you stand out in your shaved haircut.

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

Go witty, sleek and classic in a short bob cut that sports a swing at the bottom. Introduce some sparkle into the sleek hair with a silver tone. Leave the roots to retain that dark shade creating a dramatic shadowy effect. Push your creative a step further by sporting an undercut on the nape. Let it provide a perfect display of the dark shade and finish by giving it a taper and a “V” outline.

Grab the most attention by sporting a funky curled bob cut. Give the hair the warm look of red and blonde tones that add something extra to the sweet curls. Go creative by sporting a buzzed nape shave that sports cool graduated signature cuts. Finish the signature cuts in a skin fade to make everything look fresh and clean.

Bleach your bob style hair and give it a blowout into that sleek look. Make a buzzed nape shave sporting cool artistic signature lines. Give the hair a dark blue tone and let it fade into a lighter sky blue. Add the two tones in the buzzed nape to create a sexy artistic bob hairstyle.

Settle for a blowout hair and style it into light curls. Go for a clean buzzed nape shave and style in some signature lines to create a cool geometric undercut. Sweep the long hair to the side and let the world see that geometric precision in your hairstyle.

A pixie is one of the coolest hairstyles for those that sport short hair. Here’s a style that sits well on those with blonde hair. Leave the sides to retain the blonde tone that creates that faint glow in the hair. Give the top some sleekness and let it flow towards the front. Go for a vibrant look by sporting a purple tone at the top. Tease the front a little bit to make your hairstyle even more sexier.

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