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Stunning and Elegant Bold Pointy Nails for Summer

Bold Pointy Nails to Try;

Our next pick is stunning and elegant. This nail art features light polish with sparkly accent nails, as well as an accent nail with rhinestones. Using glitter polishes and rhinestones allows you to create a professional looking nail art at home. The color and accent combinations are endless when using these. So, use this as inspiration on your next salon appointment or try and create it yourself.

Bold Pointy Nails
Bold Pointy Nails

Want to brighten up your look for summer? Then this orange nail art is the way to do it! These funky nails have two different designs which creates a trendy look. The stiletto shape and vibrant shade make one statement making set of nails. You could recreate this art in any color, but orange is fun and bold which is perfect for the season.

Pointy nails are a bold shape that look great with intricate nail art and with just one color. These nails use a soft and light pink which is a contrast to the daring nail shape. This combination works beautifully. With nails like these you get the best of both worlds, pretty and fierce.

Prefer your nails with a little sparkle? Then our next pick is for you. This nail art features long stiletto nails covered in silver sparkles. These look holographic which gives them a trendy and futuristic vibe. We love these and think they are a great way to glam up your look.

Pointy nails are one of the must-have nail shapes. Manicures with the long and sharp point are great for anyone wanting to try something bold. We love this trendy look and have found 21 of the best pointy nails designs. Whether you want something pretty, statement making or unique – there is something for everyone. Take a look to find your favourite.

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