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The Most Prom Nails Designs to Try

Prom party is one of the most important events in every girl’s life. This is the occasion when all young ladies pay as much attention as they can to every little detail – from the dress to the tips of the nails. With different nail shapes, patterns and decorations you will set the floor on fire and become the Prom Queen!

Prom Nails Designs
Prom Nails Designs

When it comes to the most important party of your life, prom, you think about every item of your image. In this case, nails become really important as it has to do not only with color but with shapes and styles, patterns and decorations. There no certain rules for prom nail designs as you can always turn to your imagination and creativity.

Nowadays choosing the right manicure, especially for prominent events, is not easy. However, it depends on your vision and style that is why there is a lot of ideas what nails design to have for the Prom Night.

You can always have the most common French manicure that will suit every item of your clothes as it never goes out of style. As well as French design, you definitely won’t lose if you choose today’s trend of wearing negative space nail art which doesn’t demand any further decoration. Metallic, nude and pastel tones are mostly used as base colors that can be beautified with different 3D embellishments, rhinestones, crystals, gems, studs and caviar. They will really transform your nails from simple to party. Glitter nails, especially gold and silver, are always in fashion as they mark you out of the others with their brightness and shine.

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