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The Perfect 69 Pink Nail Designs for 2018/2019

Red is power; white is purity. What happens back you amalgamate the two? You get an innocent adumbration of blush accepted as pink, with the accompanying ability of sex appeal. Style Interest has put calm photos of innocently sexy pink nail designs to appearance you the abeyant such a blush has in the appearance world, decidedly on your fingertips. Many women acquisition that pink is a cliché blush for nails – but already you’ve taken a attending at these designs, you’ll abatement in adulation with the blush all over again.

Pink Nail Designs

Yes, these definitely remind me of my old Barbie dolls when I was a child. The color is a hot pink, meant to be sexy and innocent simultaneously. How crazy that this shade ended up on Barbie.

These sparkles are bronze/gold and add a lovely shimmer to an otherwise dull pink. But the shape of the nails are perfect, and the big blue glitter pieces really create a distinct look.

There’s never a dull moment when each nail has a personality of its own. We love the added green gems – it’s rare to see such color combinations.

Mimicking the pattern of a giraffe is fun when it comes to pink nail designs. Granted, this design will take some time to create, but the outcome is worth it. Look at those monochromatic shades!

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