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Top 45 Creative Gel Nail Art Designs Gallery

If you’re looking for an especially neat, put-together manicure, why not try out some gel nails? They’re different from regular nail polish because the polished used has gel in it, and each polish coat – base coat, polish color, and top coat – needs to be “cured” under UV light for 2-3 minutes. This produces very clean, durable manicures that are sure to be the envy of all your friends. We’ve put together a Gel Nail Art Designs Gallery to give you some inspiration for the next time you visit your nail salon for a Gel Nail Art Designs Gallery!

Sometimes you don’t have the time to spend hours getting a manicure. Here are some classy and uncomplicated gel nail designs for times like those! When you get gel nails, you won’t have to do anything fancy to for a sleek look.

To start off, here are two natural gel nail designs. See how the gel polish – even clear polish – is the perfect touch to make plain nails feel pretty?

Gel Nail Art Designs Gallery

Gel Nail Art Designs Gallery

This gel nail design idea has recently achieved a lot of favours from women all over the world. And you can also be an owner of this exotic nail art. It has a silver undercoat and a black topcoat. Then stars and heart-shape is designed on the nails with very tiny silver glittery stars.

Are you looking for a longer lasting nail polish technique? Gel nails designs are a great option. They are done in professional salons by using a hard gel product which are applied on the gel nail design and then further hardened under UV light. Gel Nail Art Designs Gallery

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