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Trendy Almond Nails Designs for 2018-2019

Almond Nails Designs are a popular style in the world of manicure. This is a trendy style that’s there to stay owing to its beautiful shape that looks striking. The world of almond nails design has got many different options that’ll get you inspired. Below, we take a look at 60 different Almond Nails Designs available to you. Read more and decide which deign matches your style and personality.

Almond Nails Designs

The hair is one thing that first comes to mind when you hear the word ombre. However, you’ve got the option of incorporating that ombre look in your nails. Settle for smooth rounded tips and give them the acrylic touch. Create some variations in the acrylic glitter. Make it silvery in some nails and bluish in others. Add some freshness to the look by coating in 3D flowers.

Almond Nails Designs
Almond Nails Designs

If a basic manicure is what you’re looking for, then going for a more natural look might be your best bet. This is one look that won’t draw lots of attention your way, especially when you’re not bold enough to sport those flashy manicures. Give your nails stiletto tips and settle for the naturalness and softness of a blush pink coating.

Almond Nails Designs

Choose to go sexy and monochromatic in smooth sculpted nails. Start with rounded tips and sport a matte nude polish. Settle for a dull purple polish and ditch away any sparkle. What you get is a manicure that’s less showy. You get one versatile manicure that’s designed for both casual and formal wear.

Go a little more sophisticated and settle for a sexy summer manicure that looks natural with some glitter to it. Choose to go for the soft finish of a blush pink polish. Add some acrylic smear to create a sparkle and leave everything looking smooth by sporting rounded tips.

Ditch the uniform look and instead settle for multiple patterns that give your nails a more sophisticated look. Choose to play with two colors – dark red and white. Let some patterns sport that soft feathery look that turns your nails into an ultimate stunner.

Nothing beats the French manicure for those that desire chic and polished almond nails. However, you can add some fun to it to create one cool manicure that excels in beauty and elegance. Start by sporting the classic French manicure that’s got a pale pink base coat and white crescent shaped tips. Give the nails that classic twist by sporting minute polka dot design on the pale pink base coat.

Go for that nail polish that matches your mood. Settle for the ombre look of crimson nightfall sporting that smooth gelled finish. Add something extra to the moody polish by sporting a stiletto finish to the tips. This mood and temperature changing gel manicure looks great on those with light skin.

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