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Trendy And Chic Nail Trends for Work 2018

Hot Nail Trends For Work

Wanna look trendy everywhere? It may be a bit tricky at work as different offices have different requirements for the employees. I’ve prepared some super trendy ideas that can be worn to work, let’s have a look at them and maybe you’ll find your inspiration here.

Marble Nails
Marble nails are very popular today, and to wear them to work, you can go for nude, blush, beige, light grey manicure and some marble accent nails. You may also go for marble nails only, just keep them neutral enough to fit the office dress code.

Chic Nail Trends

Negative Space Nails
Negative space is very popular today, too, and rocking it in workspaces is a great idea. you may go for half negative space nails and half covered with some neutral shade – blush, beige, grey or white, or try various patterns done with negative space.

Matte Nails
Matte nails are in trend and will be in trend for a long time, so add a textural look to your nails with a matte finish. Your nails can be nude, grey, beige, French, with various patterns but with a matte finish. Such a finish will give your usual manicure a chic look. Get inspired!

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